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Attention First Time Donkey Buyers

Watch for Red Flags

PSome of my customers over the years have had some extreme disappointments from donkeys they purchased from other farms so I thought I would give you some warning signs to look for when you decide to provide that forever home for your mini's.

Be sure that the donkeys you are buying are at the owner's home and not sold out of a remote location and be careful when you are offered free delivery unless you visit there farm first.

Be careful Some sellers will collect free donkeys and market them as there own. These donkeys are often cheaper, need much work, and remember all donkeys have a history that can and should be verified.

Ask for health records. Breeders often keep very good records and are happy to share those with the buyer.

Beware of sellers boasting how many donkeys they sell or always having a big sale.

Be careful when there is talk about every donkey gets daily individual attention. This is simply not possible if you have a large herd unless you have staff on hand.

Rescue Donkeys can be very rewarding but also may be very disappointing as they often need special care and lots of training to break bad habits such as biting or kicking. It takes a special person to take on a rescue donkey but they deserve especially good homes after what they have been through.

I will be adding to this list as seems necessary.


Miniature Donkeys can be very rewarding. I market my donkeys mostly to small farms that have other animals and many to therapy farms for children and special needs people all across the country as well as other breeders. I own a 60 acre farm with around 13,000 sq feet of indoor shelter for my donkeys as well as an outdoor 240ft arena and a trail course with obstacles. Over the course of about 20 years that I have been selling donkeys I have never had an unhappy customer and have many references which I would be happy to share.

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