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Miniature Donkey Entrepreneurs

I have no small herds available at this time.


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Over the last few years I have we've been asked several questions about management of my miniatures by interested buyers so we decided to devote a webpage to the miniature donkey entrepreneur.

The minis have been a very rewarding venture for me. Unlike other farm animals, the minis are a very loving and extremely smart equine that have been popular for centuries.

For several years I've been collecting some of the best jennets from around the US and believe I have one of the top herds in the country. The conformation that I see in our foals has been outstanding so I have decided to promote small starter herds to other farms to give them the quality and conformation that successful herd requires. For example I could offer a jennet in foal, a few younger jennets, and a young unrelated jack as a starter herd. If owning a jack is not of interest I can offer breedings to our well-known and respected jacks.

I will work with our customers financially to offset the herds original investment by accepting payments that will fit within most budgets and will assist you with our knowledge through my experience to help see you through a rewarding enterprise while offering a discount on the purchase of multiple donkeys.

The donkey business will also most certainly be beneficial for your tax situation at the end of the year by being able to right off your expenses.

As well as Marketing my little minis I also participate in fairs, parades, provided open houses to handicap children. In competition I show donkeys in conformation, driving classes, in hand trail obstacles, and jumping, all of which is been very safe and enjoyable.

Through the years I have had may satisfied customers. If you are interested in a rewarding venture don't hesitate to give me a call. I would be happy to help work it through with you.

Julie Jones


Below is a short Video from the animal planet but at the end of the video they talk about dogs. We have several dogs around our donkeys daily and have never had an injured dog. But they will not become best friends.







2010 NMDA Nationals
Herdsire Heiken's Ark Napoleon
Herdsire Short & Sweet Sparkplug
Julie driving at Nationals
Julie showing Trail at Nationals



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