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Heiken's Ark Napoleon


31½" Dark Brown/Black/White Spotted Jack w/NLP
DOB 08/23/02
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30¼" Dark Spotted
Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29" Dark Brown
Grand Dam: Rolling R Snow White, 30½" Fully Frosted Spotted White

Dam: LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP
Grand Sire: DDD John, 32.25 Dark Brown
Grand Dam: LN Niagara, 33½" Black/Brown


Click to enlarge AMDS complete Pedigree

Heiken's Ark Napoleon is our dark spotted herd sire. He's a heavy-boned, compact jack with a tiny, short head, heavy jaw and correct legs. He has deep halos around every single one of his spots. Napoleon has a lot of interesting colors and donkeys in his background including McLendon's 45 Magnum, a 28 ¾" dark brown jack. He previously stood at Half Ass Acres in Tennessee and is known for producing correct foals. His son, HHAA Sweet Spotz was first in the spotted class at the 2011 NMDA National Show in Waco, Texas and sold to the Netherlands for $15,000. Our JF Black Pearl was second in a large yearling jennet class at the 2010 NMDA National Show in Red Bluff, California and second in the two year old jennets at the 2012 NMDA National Show. We have bred him to several black jennets and many jennets that have spots in their pedigree. His foals are stocky, straight, have beautiful heads, and great legs.

Here are a few of Pictures of Napoleon





Here are just a few of Napoleon's Foals

    HHAA Sweet Spotz

    2011 NMDA National Show - 1st Spotted Class

    Sold to the Netherlands

JF Black Pearl

2012 NMDA National Show - 2nd Two Year Old Jennets

2010 NMDA National Show - 2nd Yearling Jennets





Short & Sweet Sparkplug



30.5" Dark Red
DOB 03/27/2010
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: Short & Sweet SparksaFire, 31.25" Dark Red
Grand Sire: Short ASSets Fireplug, 32 " Dark Red
Grand Dam: LN Miss Alred, 30½" Dark Red

Dam: Short & Sweet Noel, 32" Dark Brown W/NLP
Grand Sire: Sunset Acres Russian Czar, 31½" Black NLP
Grand Dam: LN Old West Red Nolane, 33" Dark Red

Click to enlarge AMDS complete Pedigree

Our newest herd sire is here! Short & Sweet Sparkplug has arrived from Texas. Thank you Frank and Mary Williams for selling us this exciting young 30.5" DARK sorrel jack. We will be showing him in 2014. Without a doubt he is one of the best jacks we have laid eyes on. Sparkplug is very wide, has excellent legs, is short bodied and very drafty. And his disposition is so kind. We love this guy and are so proud that he has joined our herd. His foals will be arriving in 2014. His video will be uploaded to our website soon.


Honkey Donkey's Little Magic


30" Dark Brown/White Spotted Jack
DOB 03/01/1999
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: Honkey Donkey's Safari Jack, 30¼" Dark/Wt Spotted
Grand Sire: Honkey Donkey's Freddy, 32" Dark Brown
Grand Dam: Honkey Donkey's Juliann, 30½" Spotted

Dam: Honkey Donkey's Spice, 32" Dark Brown
Grand Sire: Carpenter Farm Indiana Jones, 33" Brown
Grand Dam: Miss Meadia of Honkey Donkey Farm, Dark Brown

Click to enlarge AMDS complete Pedigree

We believe in Magic! He's a proven 30" spotted jack with a full pedigree. We love his straight legs, short back, nice wide chest and round rear end. To top it off he has a nice top line, and a pretty head with a wide forehead. His temperament is sweet, easy & very laid-back. Magic's offspring have been sold across the United States, Ireland, Holland and Canada. Many of them have proven themselves in the show ring and as excellent breeding stock in many well established herds.

Magic will be a perfect cross with our Napoleon daughters. His foals will arrive at our farm in late 2013.


Sold to Nevada

Flight of Fancy Cardinal RG

Picture taken August 2011


Picture taken August 2011

Picture taken August 2011

Picture taken August 2011

30.5" Light Red Sorrel (stripe)
DOB: 8/20/02


Sire: My World Winston, 31.5" Sorrel
Grand Sire: My World Vincent, 32.5" Light Red
Grand Dam: My World Myra, 30.5" Dark Brown

Dam: Sunset Acres Lady Slipper, 31" Light Sorrel
Grand Sire: Hendrick's JJ, 31" Sorrel
Grand Dam: Bell E Acres Red Jubilee, 32.5" Sorrel

Click to enlarge AMDS complete Pedigree


RG is a well balanced, heavy boned jack. His easy going temperament make him an asset to our breeding program. He is a short bodied, wide jack, with a nice round rear end, gorgeous legs, and a wide chest. He has been shown 3 times at NMDA shows in Texas and placed 2nd or 3rd in every class. He pasture or hand breeds, and settles jennets quickly. RG has a soft, easy going personality and loves people. He is easy to handle, clip, loads, just an all around great jack. His foals have been very full bodied, with good legs, beautiful heads, and wonderful temperments. He has produced browns, sorrel and a true sorrel and white spotted, black and greys. His foals are beginning their show careers now and are doing very well. They have his beautiful head and eye, lots of bone, nice toplines and beautiful, straight legs, and round butts.

RG has loads of personality and is quite proud of his little self. Watch for his foals in the showring. We have kept a few to show and are quite pleased with what he is producing. For example check out JF Victoria's Secret, a very pretty, small light sorrel jennet. She was first in the yearling class at the 2012 NMDA National Show. JF Dillinger also born in 2010 can be seen on our Geldings page. He has been brave since day one and is very easy to train. At his first show in June 2011, The Wine Country Classic in Santa Rosa, California he was named NMDA Reserve Champion Pre-Green. He also was Reserve Champion Pre Green at the 2012 NMDA National Show and the 2012 Pacific Northwest Miniature Donkey Classic. Dillinger has a great future as a performance donkey.



Here are just a few of RG's Foals

JF Victoria's Secret

2012 National NMDA Yearling Jennets - 1st (Sold to France)



S&S Razzberry Sizzle (below)

2007 NMDA National Yearling Jennets- 4th place
2009 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
1st Place Jennets and Reserve Model Miniature Donkey

KKR Rollin Red Rosie

.KKR Bell Blue


Top row: KKR Gone Hollywood, KKR High Roller, and KKR Shady Lady.

Bottom: Shown by proud owner 8 year old Katie Randall, Little Miracles Farm, Walltrace,Tennessee,KKR High Roller was named 2007 ACOSA National Champion Gelding! And also won the NMDA Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show Yearling Geldings. In 2008 Katie and KKR High Roller continue to bring home the rosettes! Katie's mother Maria said "Roller is so stocky and correct and his temperament is very gentle and loving".


JF Full Throttle



DOB: 03/02/13

MDR# 63941

Dark Brown Jack

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31½" Drk Brown/Black/White Spotted
Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29" Dark Brown
Grand Dam: LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam: Engman's Lottie, 33.5" Brown White Spotted
Grand Sire: Hartman Donkey's Trenton, 33½" Few Spot White
Grand Dam: R&D D&H Milly, 33½" Brown/Gray-Dun

Trickster clearly has width, great legs, his father's short pretty head, and all the bells and whistles too. He should be considered seriously as a quality jack prospect. Trickster's maternal half sister is a national champion. In addition he has a great demeanor and is easy to train. He seems to be staying small too.

pics updated 06/05/2015

Sire and Dams Pedigree



Circle C Highlite (Reference Sire)



32" Brown/Grey/White Spot
DOB: 8/30/99

Sire: Desperado of Circle C, 29" Light Brown
Grand Sire: Ozzy, 29" Grey
Grand Dam: Circle C Jessica, 32.5 Brown

Dam: RVB Carrie, 33" Grey/White Spot
Grand Sire: RVB Kelly
Grand Dam: RVB Gretta

Click to enlarge AMDS complete Pedigree



Highlite in Calgary

When we purchased Circle C Highlite we knew we were on the right track to producing quality foals. Kathy is a leading breeder and exhibitor of miniature donkeys. Circle C Highlite is kind and gentle, and has very drafty and correct conformation. He is a well balanced, heavy boned jack. His easy going temperament make him an asset to our breeding program. He is a short bodied, wide jack, with a nice round rear end, gorgeous legs, a wide chest and beautiful eye, and a well defined jaw line.

The Cooke's, who bred Highlite showed him once and he won the Calgary
Stampede Futurity Yearling Jack. We have been very pleased with Highlite's foals, which are beginning their show careers now and are doing very well. They have his beautiful head and eyes, a lot of bone, nice toplines and beautiful straight legs, and round butts.

A few of his offspring are shown below.

KKR StarLite- 2007 NMDA National Champion Halter Jennet

KKR Heavenly Highlite

KKR Lites Out

JF Snow White Snow Brite,JF Sunlite,JF Bud Lite

2008 JF Cookies N Cream


Miniature donkey foals are coming soon!

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