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Below is a picture of our Jennet Barn with a line feeder. This gives all our donkeys a chance to eat as well as a tray underneath so 100% of the hay is consumed. When our Brood jennets are 6 months pregnant they are moved to the foal barn where we can monitor there protein intake to make sure the foals will be healthy and strong. Within a week or two of foaling pregnant jennets are moved to the foaling stalls (see picture below) where we can monitor from the house either in the dining room or the bedroom. When the babies are strong enough they are moved back into the foaling barn until they are old enough to be weaned. All of our donkeys are turned out in one of our eight pastures daily, weather permitting with the foals in the pasture next to the house.


Above is our foaling camera which we monitor from the house

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Miniature Donkey Info below from Animal Planet

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Our Dedication - With a clear goal in mind of breeding and raising the highest quality donkeys available decades ago, we are now are proud owners of some of the finest breeding miniature donkey stock in the world. We are very loyal to the breed and are committed to breeding foals that are even better than the generation born prior.

Although there are no longer National Miniature Donkey shows held in the western U.S., we know our donkeys would do extremely well. Our donkeys are bred to be conformationally correct, smart, trainable, and loving. Many of our customers enjoy using their donkeys in human therapy.

Here is an example of some of our past show results! Highlights from the 2015 NMDA National Show in Red Bluff, California include Napoleon winning Get of Sire (represented by three of his offspring), our performance gelding Ransom winning Reserve Champion Non Driving High Point, and JF Almond Joy (by Napoleon) winning Reserve Champion Pre-Green High Point. In addition JF Rumor Has It (by Sparkplug) was second in the Yearling Jennets and JF Wandering Spark (by Sparkplug) placed third in the Foal class. Our fancy junior herd sire that we bred and raised, JF Full Throttle (by Napoleon), won the Two Year Old Jacks class. JF Miniature Donkeys also did very well at the Lori Forge Memorial Donkey & Mule Show in Eugene, Oregon. JF Almond Joy won the Yearling Jennets and was named NMDA Reserve Junior Champion. JF Rumor Has It was second in the Yearling Jennets and JF Wandering Spark was second in the Foal class.

Several of the donkeys mentioned above have joined our breeding herd.

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Welcome to JF Miniature Donkeys. Over the last few years we have sold pet and breeding donkeys to Texas, Tennesee, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, and France as well as locally. We would like to thank all of our customers for there continued support. Our passion is raising high quality little donkeys of all colors with correct conformation with loving and comical dispositions. Whether you're a serious breeder looking for a breeding/show prospect, desire to start your own breeding herd, or have room for these fun family pets give us a call or email. You'll be glad you did!

New... If you own a small or large farm and are interested in a rewarding and satisfying venture with Miniature Donkeys click here.

If you're interested in one or more of our donkeys and live far from us then have no worries. We have shipped to the east coast and between many times and are involved until our donkeys are at your doorstep. We have also shipped to Europe, click here for language translator.

S simply looking for a pet donkey? We always have donkeys that will make loving family members

Julie Jones




Just a few of this years foals so far

2018 Foals have arrived!

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The 2018 foal crop will be our biggest to date with 24 expected.

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Bred to Napoleon Reserve a foal  from this CHAMPION PRODUCER today Due August 2018




2010 NMDA Nationals
Herdsire Heiken's Ark Napoleon
Herdsire Short & Sweet Sparkplug
Julie driving at Nationals
Julie showing Trail at Nationals

Ranch in tulips (migrant workers use bus to eat there lunch)

Ranch in tulips
JF Ranch (aka JF Miniature Donkeys) is located in the picturesque and fertile Skagit Valley on 69 acres in Northwest Washington State. We're dedicated to showing, breeding and selling high quality colorful miniature donkeys with correct conformation and wonderful temperaments.

I've been involved in breeding, raising, showing and selling top quality livestock since the early 70's. In 1989 I joined one of the leading Arabian horse breeding facilities in the U.S. as office manager often overseeing all aspects of a successful breeding operation.


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Julie on Yellar at NRCHA show

In 1993 Todd and I started raising, showing and selling performance Quarter horses across the country. We bred via tranported semen to some of the top reining, reined cowhorse, and cutting stallions in the country. Again emphasis was placed on conformation and performance.

Julie on Yellar in Tulips


During 1998 we also purchased our first registered miniature jack and jennet from Meadow Wood Farms owned by Loyal McMillan, part of the Nordstrom family. The donkeys are smart, have great personalities, and are fun to train and relatively easy to maintain.

In 2005 we started to assemble a group of high quality jennets from all over the U.S. that are conformationally correct, colorful, possess loving personalities, and are from superior bloodlines.

We have also carefully selected first class jacks which will certainly add to our success in the breeding business. It is with great pride that we offer resulting foals from our breeding program to loving homes.

We hWe have also carefully selected some Ideal studs which will certainly add to our success in the breeding business. It is with great pride that we offer resulting foals from our breediogram to loving homes. program to loving homes.om our eding program to loving homes.


We are members of the American Council of Spotted Asses, American Donkey and Mule Society and The National Miniature Donkey Association. wwwwwww

wwwwFeel free to contact us with any questions


mKissing Miss Daisy

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